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Hello! Welcome to LifeMusic Wiki. This page is a guide on how to insert information into this wiki. Please be sure to read through this entire page before you begin editing, for there is a lot of useful information on what you are supposed to keep in mind while you contribute.

Staying CivilModifier

One of the worst things you could do while editing is type something that offends someone else. Since this wiki is supposed to be encouraging, we will be really strict on what you are allowed to say (just talk nice and you be alright). Also, don't put any bias information into an article (or anything else). Breaking either of these rules may result in you being banned.


All articles are to written using perfect grammar. If you notice a mistake in spelling, punctuation, order of words, etc., please correct it. Also, we would like for this wiki to look professional. Informational should be typed in a formal, encyclopedia-like style.


Please read the layout guide before you create an article or add another section to an already existing one. A reputable wiki is uniform, so therefore we will be uniform.